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Monday, 14 June 2010

Silent in Wonderland

Silence is golden...
ah yes...
but not for those with golden hair
and golden smiles
and eighteen years of golden naivity.

He is silent in the train,
the moment,the phone,
the words,
the message...

Yet, for the girl with golden hair...
he is...somewhat, louder.

I smile
at my own naivity,

misplaced loyalty.
How I wish

grew out of her dress,
vomited her cake
and drowned

May the pages strangle him
in ink.


So disturbing.

This is artistic yet based on true stuff and I shudder to think the American army has not evolved since the Vietnam experience.

Clever filming.

It needs to be in the training manual.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

So How Much Can you Rely on Your Top Soldiers?

Top team...let's face it, the equivalent of the SAS or US SEALS...drop onto a vessel...with night vision...to be met by metal bars and chairs and sticks and anger....from non-soldiers....civilians. Angry civilians, but civilians...

And they shoot ten dead.

And they reckon the rest of the world is mistaken and we don't understand them...and we should realise that sending aid and food to people they hate is wrong...so it's okay to shoot dead at least ten volunteer aid workers...(no doubt transformed into Arab terrorists by Benjy's friends as we speak).

Is there something we are not getting? (Apart from using forged British passports...ooohhh...all of a couple of months ago...to shoot some more dead...?)

If the UK and Northern Ireland can do it and move forward...then you bloody well can.
If the IRA and the British Government can halt the bloodshed, you bloody well can.
If Sinn Fein can be tolerated and accepted (even though many find this hard and difficult) in UK Government, then you bloody well can.

Chip...shoulder....speak volumes here.
When is Israel going to realise it just can't rule the world?
No matter what happened in Roman times...
no matter what happened in The Merchant of Venice...
and no matter what happened in the dreadful, despicable Holocaust...pre and post...

You can't build on the land of the world in the same way you build on the land you call yours...but actually isn't right now.

Wake up,sit up, smarten up,
How can we respect you when you behave like this?

You are behaving as badly now as your oppressors of Nazi Germany.

Be as dignified as your forefathers; that is why they are respected, famous and admired.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Train Journey

There is a man, who sometimes talks to me on the train,as he travels home. He has been silent for a while and I suspect the following...(please feel free to choose),

1. He is abroad, work related.

2. He is abroad, personal satisfaction and personal time in remote deserts and remote jungles.

3. He has decided to date the very pretty girl on the train.

4. He is drowning in work and the need to save people.

5. He has decided not to be in touch.

No matter what...I miss him and I can remember every moment and every fragment of our time.

The Concrete Wall

Towering over the consumed land,
Its shadow falls.

Hard and tall.
No face.
No skin.
All seeing

Hard and brittle
Crumbling retina.

Hope upon the water.
Walking upon the water...

The Promised Land

Where is David?
To take the Israeli Goliath